And so it begins… another contrived blog?

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No.  Not really.  (Well… at least not for now.)

It’s the first post! Relax.  I’m not trying to become another wannabe blogging superstar hack. Frankly, I just created this as sort of a digital brain dump to fulfill a need for me to park my thoughts and share some stuff every once in awhile with my friends and colleagues.

This isn’t the first site I’ve created.  Likewise, it’s not the first blog-like venture I’ve played with either.  Over the years, I’ve toyed with all sorts of various personal/professional websites and blogs for myself.  They’ve come and gone over the years as my personal and professional interests changed with the times.  So what makes this one different?  Intent? Personal approach, maybe?

I think basically, it comes down to this: I’ve always been a social type of person and I need outlets for creating and sharing stuff. Of course, everyone is social these days, thanks to the likes of Zuckerberg (my views on that another time).  Ask anyone who personally knows me and they’ll probably tell you something along the lines of me having more friends and acquaintances (in the physical world, people)  that I can shake a stick at and also the fact that I like to engage in conversations in just about anything and everything.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and such are definitely good for sharing bits and pieces of this and that here and there with friends, colleagues and even strangers, but I still find myself running into this need for a personal repository where I can compile and express my thoughts about something in more than just a status update - I don’t know about you, but 140 characters or whatever just doesn’t cut it for me much of the time. Maybe I feel like droning on a stream of typewritten thoughts about my views on a particular matter or maybe I just need a permanent spot to stick some sort of file or media worth sharing.

So like I said in the beginning of this post: I really just needed a place to digitally dump stuff off into and forget about or point at whenever appropriately necessary.  Oh… and I guess the whole capability to allow people to share whatever thoughts and opinions on whatever ends up on here is definitely bonus.  So please feel free comment or contact me in regard to just about anything.

PS. Please excuse me if things get a little random or I tend to break things as I tweak and tinker.  It’s in my nature to do so.

In the meantime… I’m working on updating something I’ve shared before that was a very popular item:  A guide on how to write an RFP (request for proposal).   If you don’t know what that is, then I’m sure you could care less about it.  But for those that do, I’m sure you’ll find it helpful.  (It’s a little something to help out those who find themselves faced with the sometimes daunting task of having to go through the process of finding and hiring the right vendor or agency for web development and interactive marketing projects.)

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