Flexible Screen Technology

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It’s almost here.  Imagine screens that are bendable, twistable, almost paper thin and practically indestructible.  All sizes from the palm of your hand to a roll out wall sized screen.  Even transparent as well as plyable.

“Big deal.  So you can bend ‘em.” you say?  Well I tell you to think again. Start small.  Everyone has a friend (hopefully not you) who has whipped out their smartphone to show off the tragic smashed screen – what a bummer!  Problem solved.  But solving that little annoyance is nothing.  Think about all the great application for tough, pliable screens that are paper thin, such as flexible phones with rollout screens, wearable computing devices with screens sewn into your outfits, and how about being able to stick small screens on the wall like post-it notes.  Here’s one that should get your synapses firing: a transparent, flexible screen could be added as an inside layer to the windshield of your car to provide heads up, interactive display for gps mapping with augmented reality – oh sweet mother of all that smells of digital sweetness!  And those are just the immediate thoughts that come to mind.  If you think about it, this technology will have some far reaching effects on all sorts of stuff.  So cool.

Wanna see where we are currently at with this technology?  Samsung recently unveiled their latest at the 2011 CES conference. Impressive.

I want it.  Don’t you?

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