The cobbler’s kids have no shoes.

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Ahhh, yes.  Time for a little social media imposed narcissism and self deprecation rolled into one. LOL.

If it’s one thing I should probably work on, it’s probably figuring out how not to look goofy in front of a camera.  I generally dislike photos of me.  Ironic for a photographer, I suppose, but maybe not so uncommon for one.  I’ve spent so much time passionately dedicated to learning how to create great photos of others and yet I can’t seem to take one of myself without looking like a total goof ball.  It’s kinda funny actually.  I know how to direct others to pose and yet when a camera is turned towards me, I completely fall apart and end up making strange faces or pose myself badly.   I definitely need to work on this.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I need some halfway decent images of myself for things like this blog, LinkedIn and other social networking sites, I probably wouldn’t even bother.  Gah!  A necessary evil!

So I went downtown (Atlanta) with a buddy of mine, Chris, who is starting to learn photography.  Wanted to get some shots of myself in front the Promenade II building where I work at Engauge.  Let me tell you, trying to find a good vantage point to take a photo with a skyscraper in the shot is not an effort without hassle.  The security people at each building are so freak’n paranoid about people taking pictures of their buildings.  “It’s considered an act of terrorism.” says the security guy at the Promenade II, as he broke a smile and shrugged his shoulders.  We were at the top of the parking garage and he informed us we were not allowed to take photos of the building.  Following that, we got kicked off of every parking garage for the same thing and had to resort to finding spots on public property.  I don’t fault the guys for doing their jobs.  As Chris put it “you have a monster camera” and it’s not exactly inconspicous whenever I’m out shooting.

So anyway.  To prove my point about, here are the two shots I ended up with of myself and then below that the shot I did of my buddy Chris.  Guess I need to work on my “modeling” skills. LOL.

So… goofy me:



Now a shot I did of Chris (way better):


Don’t you just love narcissism?

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