Twitter hashtag translate flash mob game?

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Apparently, we may have invented a new game utilizing Google translator and any website with an unmoderated Twitter hashtag stream.  All you need is your Google toolbar translator to decode.

OR… A friendly reminder of what can happen when you have uncontrolled, unmoderated content streaming into your site.  Imagine all that could happen. ;)

So here is what happened.  I noticed today that the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association has an unmoderated Twitter feed based on the hashtag #AIMA.   Pretty much front and center on the website.

However I also noticed a curious occurance:  all the tweets displayed were in a foreign language and has nothing to do with the AiMA organization or it’s website.  Apparently, some people in Indonesia are also using the #AIMA hashtag for their own, unrelated conversations.

I thought it was quite humorous and shared this with my buddy Vlad (@VladGorenshteyn) who immediately had the ingenious idea of having our own conversation using the same hashtag, but in Indonesian – using the Google Translator – to be featured front and center on AiMA’s website.  Of course, I had to bring Drew (@DrewHawkins) into the fold on it as well.  Ohhhh…. too funny.

Commence with the movie quotes… in Indonesian on AiMA’s website…

Screen captures (before and after using your secret Google Translator decoder ring)

As normally displayed on AiMA’s site:


After: (Using your Google Translate button)


May develop this later.  This has the makings of some sort of online flash mob game.  Hmmmm…

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  • Drew Hawkins

    There’s a lot of potential in this…especially for those events with huge displays of hashtags. I’ll keep my ear to the ground for some :)