A Great Video Overview on Digital Advertising

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Here’s a great video presentation covering the basics of digital advertising.

I found this handy little video on Visual.ly – created by Canadian digital media agency, Mediative. My only minor disagreement is the title they’ve assigned: “This is Digital Marketing: From Ad Men to Math Men“. Really, it only covers the basics of digital advertising – call me a stickler for details, but this barely scratches the surface of the vastness of all that digital marketing covers. However, I understand their desire to tap the broader SEO exposure of the term “marketing”. They did a great job with the video and so I’ll let their confusing nomenclature slide – maybe it’s a Canadian thing? ;)


Speaking of the use of the term “digital”, it won’t be long before it’s use will be eventually phased out. Just consider that everything now has become digitized or soon will be – thus, no need to redundantly state a given. Remember when “e-business” faded back into just “business”… or did you not notice?

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